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Our Service Deliverables

Underwriting retention and capital relief capabilities

Nowadays, insurers adapt their business models to modern risk management frameworks, which can include customised capital relief solutions. Reinsurers are also adapting their offerings to meet the evolving needs of their clients, within a challenging reinsurance environment characterised by new source of capital and changing considerations around catastrophe events. API RE approaches are encouraging insurers to focus more on risk, value and the capital management of the portfolios.

Local & regional reinsurance market knowledge and benchmarking

The reinsurance market was presumed as a good merger and acquisition (M&A) candidate for the last several years due to the level of undeployed capital and the number of companies with limited organic growth options. API RE views a certain amount of consolidation as a modest positive for the reinsurance sector and the increasing availability of alternative reinsurance could add to these trends by providing further sources of capital to the market.

Swift turnaround time and automation in placement and claims

Clients are increasingly demanding simplicity, transparency and speed in their transactions with businesses, including insurers and reinsurers. The relentless march of online and mobile technology is continuing to fuel this change in customer expectations. API RE commitment is to serve clients with personal or face to face broking services adopting internet technology in data, placement and claims processing.

Speed and clarity at all stage of transactions and contracts

Client engage and technological trends, which have led customers to expect transparent, personalized, real-time service, are a source of external opportunity for tech-savvy insurers. The incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will result in a better client experience and provide them the opportunity to have better clarity and touch-points in a business where interactions mainly happen in every transactions and contracts.

Placement, premium and claims performance tracking through API REconnect

API REconnect is our innovative web portal that enables our clients to easily and efficiently submit risk placements and complete treaty & facultative business transactions. API REconnect provides a secure environment for insurers, our brokers and reinsurers to interact online. Insurers can submit, quote, and bind individual accounts as part of pre-negotiated facilities. Reinsurers can review accounts, access bordereaux, and manage reports for all such facilities.

Regular update of reinsurers’ financial performance

At API RE, we pay careful attention to insurers and reinsurers financial performance, in terms of both profitability and solvency. To fully understand how the insurance and reinsurance industry operates, it is important to learn the ways in which financial condition of every entity is measured, including how ratios and their changes over time can affect reinsurer’s business results. API RE analysis team will assist and provide clients with updates on reinsurers’ financial data.

Our partners

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting partner relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our reinsurance partners include many of the world’s best-performing and most top companies in reinsurance industry.

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